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God's Math

The Guarantee
by Andy Moore
In the spring of 1970 I was a research mechanic for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation and also in a baptismal class, preparing to become an Adventist. At Sabbath School one day, the lesson study was about stewardship. It was taught by a very seasoned colporteur from India. As a relatively new Christian, I was uncertain about the idea that “all we have belongs to God.” The teacher gave us a challenge. “Don’t take my word for it,” he said. “Put your trust in God. Take the biggest, not the smallest, bill in your wallet and put it in the church offering. I guarantee you that before the week is over, it will return to you tenfold.” In retrospect, I’m not sure everyone would agree with the teacher’s guarantee, but I was a new Christian and had no reason to question his certainty. At the time, my wife and son were out of town visiting relatives. I had only one twenty-dollar bill in my wallet. It was all I had for gas and food for the next week until payday. I was driving a 1965 Dodge Charger that got about eight miles to the gallon of gas. I was 30 miles from home with a whole week ahead to drive to work on one tank of gas.
When the time came to give my offering, I was sweating profusely! I took my twenty-dollar bill and put it into God’s hands. I have never felt so relieved and at peace as I was then.

When I got home, I found a letter in the mail from Boeing Aircraft Company, where I previously worked. I was stunned to find a check for a savings investment in the amount of $257. Immediately I called my wife and told her what had happened. She knew God and rejoiced with me. Monday morning at work I received a ten-percent incentive pay raise, unusual in aviation. The next Friday I received a seven-percent cost-of-living pay increase.
No surprise that now I trust God in everything.
Source: Over & Over Again! 2 (pp. 142-143)